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Whether it is 10 or 10,000 applications, Appshift will audit your current Spring application environment, and let you know what it will take to modernize and migrate your Spring apps to Azure Spring Application Enterprise.


Appshift team members have years of experience developing Spring applications across a number of on-prem and cloud based infrastructures. Let us leverage our expertise to make your job easier!


Technology changes rapidly, but so does your schedule. Appshift will modernize the applications we migrate, ensuring you're always using the latest and greatest Spring starters and libraries.

About us

Appshift is a service powered by Enfuse.io. Our team of engineers have years of Spring application development experience across a variety of industries: real estate, healthcare, finance, and supply-chain. We provide not only best practices with Spring application development, but also enablement through pair programming and test driven development.

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Deploying to Azure Spring Application Enterprise

The above video guide, written and narrated by Enfuse.io software engineer Travis Louloudis will walk you through the process of deploying a Spring application to Azure Spring Application Enterprise.

Meet our team

The Appshift team consists of Spring engineers across multiple disciplines. From cross functional teams heavily invested in pair programming and test driven development, to staff augmentation roles for no hassle migrations.

Cahlen Humphreys

Managing Principal

Andrew Weeks

VP of Services

Cameron Mehl

Data ML/AI Leader

Jeremy Brenner

Full Stack Leader

Latest news


Azure Spring Apps Enterprise tier is now generally available!

Many organizations are running thousands of Spring Boot applications on-premises and need advanced capabilities to accelerate their Spring modernization projects. Based on our learnings from customer engagements, we built a new Azure Spring Apps tier—Enterprise—that we announced at SpringOne 2021.

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